We specialize in both Commercial Drywall and Multi-Family Drywall, and, other than the products being installed, the two specialties have very different demands.


If you’re a Multi-Family General Contractor and/or Developer, there’s no doubt you’ve seen first-hand that the last 5% of the job is sometimes the most difficult. That’s because many of our competitors focus solely on the production portion of the project and forget about the customer service on the back-end.

Here at TCC, our production crews get in, get the job done well, and then they get out! We have skilled technicians dedicated only to doing patches, repairs, touchups, and punch lists. Our Superintendents also see the project all the way through, and are truly active in helping you get that building or section turned-over so you can start to see revenue instead of blue tape!

Our Multi-Family Drywall services include:
Pre-Rock (or Pre-Hang if you prefer that term)
UL Assembly Adherence
Shear Wall Diligence
High-Production Hanging and Finishing
Dedicated, skilled drywall technicians for patches, repairs, and punch lists.
Project Coordination (We utilize PlanGrid and On Center Software)

Also, ask us about Levelcoat by Magnum Products for your next high-end multi-family project. We’re their Preferred Contractor for the state of Tennessee! When applied by skilled craftsmen on top of a high-quality drywall finish, Levelcoat provides a Level 5 finish while replacing the traditional full skim-coat, and eliminates the need for paint primers.


Our Commercial Drywall team is dedicated to driving your job forward, and you’ll notice it before we even begin layout! We put countless hours into examining the specifics of the project, and working with you to identify potential challenges and/or conflicts before they have a chance to become delays.

When it’s time for us to start, you’ll observe an advanced team of experts that has perfected methods to streamline our craft, therefore saving you time. From layout to final touchups, we’ll be right there with you as your partner on the job.

Our Commercial Drywall services are included in the “Framing” tab at the top of the webpage.



“The Creighton Company has become a valuable partner for Regent Homes on all our large condo and apartment projects. The entire team at Creighton Company are extremely professional and provide a quality product while meeting our demanding schedule. The Level 5 finish meets and exceeds our buyers expectations. I’m proud to call The Creighton Company a true trade partner and truly appreciate their service to our industry!”

Peder Jensen – Area Manager, Regent Homes